How To Be The Best Blogger Ever

Blogging Tips

Do Not Forget About Those Who Already Follow You

In order to grow as a blogger, a larger audience is required. While this is true, it is the audience that you already possess that is the most important portion of getting your blog to thrive.

Followers that have been reading your posts are coming back for a reason. Maybe you have been listening to their voices and posting what they want to hear. Maybe they simply think the same way that you do. Whatever the case, they like what you are doing and want to hear more.

The Huffington Post wrote a great article about common pitfalls that the average blogger falls for. I really suggest you give it a read.

Because they like the information that you are presenting to them, your readers will then share on social media and discuss in person about their favorite articles that you have written. From this, their friends might find some interest in the excitement over this article, and may read it for themselves. As a result, more and more traffic will flow in to your blog over time. This will naturally result in your audience becoming larger and larger.

If you forget about these core followers and only are trying to obtain new followers, your blog posts will reflect this and your fans may react negatively to this. While it may not be instantaneous, your followers may unsubscribe to your blog and instead of gaining new followers, you will be losing ones that you already had.

Be Proactive in Obtaining New Followers

Blogs have been around for a while (see their history here).

Many blog posts that you make will draw attention to them. There will be a lot of people who enjoy the content they read and then leave your blog and never return. This is a problem.

As a solution to this problem, you should directly ask your readers to subscribe to your posts. To do this, a statement at the end of your post should be made. This statement should grab your reader’s attention and prompt them to either subscribe to the email list that you hopefully have or to follow your socials media account(s).

Without writing this explicit statement at the bottom of the post, you are expecting your readers to go out and find your social media accounts. While some of them may do this, the majority of them will simply finish reading your blog post and then leave your blog. By not making the effort to reach out to your reader, you would have just lost the chance to obtain a new follower.

While the loss of one follower is not devastating, this is not a one-time event. This situation may happen consistently throughout the day. The worst part is that it can be fixed by simply adding a statement prompting the reader to follow your social media account or subscribe to your email list.

Readers Love Getting Things

While it is alright to rely on your posting to grow your audience, there are more ways to attract attention to your blog. One of these methods is by purchasing items and then giving them away in a contest to fans that subscribe to your email list.

People love getting free things. Whether it’s at the mall or as part of a deal on a television commercial, free stuff is usually the bait that draws people in to whatever the end-goal is. For a blogger, this end-goal is simply obtaining more readers.

One important detail for having a giveaway such as this is to purchase items that are not junk. The prize for winning this contest should be something that is worth subscribing to an email list to obtain. When choosing an item, put yourself in the place of the reader. Would this be something that you would get excited for? If it is, chances are that someone else would be just as excited. If not, maybe you should try looking for something else.

Overall, this tip is almost guaranteed to bring success to your blog. As a result, you should take advantage of it and have a giveaway as often as you can.

Schedule Regular Posting

Another great tip for blogging is to have a schedule of when to put out new content. Often, bloggers will simply write posts only when they feel like it. They may post once for one week, then post twice the next week, then skip a week, and then post one more on the following week. This lack of predictability and reliability causes readers to forget about a blog. They may lose interest, which will in turn cause your audience numbers to drastically lower.

One method of dealing with this is to write multiple posts and automatically schedule them to be published at the same time each week. Ideally, a blog should post twice a week in order to maintain the level of traffic that is coming to the blog. As a result, this method can be useful to bloggers who know what they want to talk about and can produce multiple articles at a time.

For those who can only write when they are going to immediately post something, once a week should be alright. Those who have to take this approach should try their best to still have these posts sent out at the same time each week. By doing this, your readers will appreciate being able to reliably see new content from your blog.

Blogging Tips

Do Not Compromise Your Values to Appease Your Audience

One of the most important tips for blogging is to always write about what you believe in. For example, the writers of Cool Kid Problems really cover a lot of material, but they do so in a way that still allows them to give their honest and unbiased opinion on the topic at hand.

Too often, bloggers choose to write about what they think their readers want to hear. They leave out their own opinions in order to keep their audience happy and try to maintain their followers. However, this is a common misconception about what you should do.

So what if someone doesn’t like what you wrote? It is your opinions that people want to read. They are following you because they want to know about what you think. Once you start to change the way you present your information in your blog posts, the readers will catch on and lose interest. In order to avoid this, write the words that truly express how you feel. Your readers will appreciate this and will be able to notice it in your writing. It is important to keep how you write consistent to what you believe in.

While you may not think your readers will realize any difference in the style of writing that you produce, it will be noticeable enough to make them feel uneasy about the change in the way you present your information.


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